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Business Law

Business Counsel and Litigation.
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Koleci Law Firm provides counsel and document preparation for new business formation, state tax audit preparation and defense. Also active with business law, we provide representation during the purchase and sale of a business, licensing, individual, business and civil litigation. As a legal representative helping immigrants obtain legal status in the U.S. for the past 22-plus years, Attorney Fatos Koleci has helped many such immigrants establish and operate successful business and achieve their goals while acquiring legitimate placement in the nation's workforce. His law firm represents over 100 employers across Connecticut facing various legal issues and helping them procure legal working environments and successful businesses.

Attorney Koleci counsels and advises businesses and individuals working in a variety of fields, including Retail, Real Estate, Finance, Medical and Dental, Health & Wellness, Personal Service. He regularly deals with start ups – provides advice on legal entity formation (LLC, C&S Corp, Partnerships,) through contract development and eventual sale/purchase of business; counsels regarding audits with the Department of Revenue Services and related litigation – sales and use tax appeals (CT). His practice also focuses on drafting various agreements, including for purchase or sale of business, buy-sell (buyout agreements), stock/asset purchase, employment contracts, non-compete, confidentiality, independent contractor, property leases (retail, office or industrial), equipment leases; counsel regarding business strategies to minimize tax liability and that seek to limit personal liability for business transactions, counsel regarding tax controversies, franchise agreement reviews, succession planning, business dissolution, business torts, business disputes, litigate business collection matters (larger).

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We’ve drafted agreements for other lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals. We’ve prepared business contracts for owners in the creative, film and television production, computer services, tech and other industries.

We can assist with:

Partnership agreements are used in many different contexts – and your partnership agreement must reflect the special considerations of your particular arrangement.  Our attorneys will help you negotiate reasonable terms favorable to you, and we can draft detailed agreements catered to your interests.


There are many legal considerations involved when creating a shareholder agreement between the owners of your corporation.  Our skilled attorneys are experienced in drafting shareholder agreements with complex equity and stock structures for both C-corporations and S-corporations.  It’s our job to help you mitigate your risks in forming this contract between your shareholders.


Your operating agreement is the most important document between the owners of your limited liability company.  The attorneys at Koleci Law Firm are experienced in drafting operating agreements for businesses in a variety of industries.  Our attorneys have constructed comprehensive operating contracts with various management structures.  We’ve drafted agreements for other lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals.

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