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Employment Immigration.

Connecticut Employment Based Immigration
Our Representaton
Connecticut attracts people worldwide who want to live and work in this unique, dynamic environment. Many multi-national corporations have headquarters or regional offices in CT, and a large percentage of the states population consists of immigrants. Koleci Law Firm provides knowledgeable legal counsel and aggressive representation to both employers and workers who need help cutting through the bureaucratic red tape of the U.S. immigration legal system.

Immigration visas based on employment.

The U.S. government strictly regulates the number of visas that are available any year for employment-based immigration. Only about 140,000 such visas are allocated on an annual basis, and this number has to meet the entire worldwide demand. There are five categories of such visas:

E1: Priority workers, including those who possess extraordinary ability

E2: Professionals holding advanced degrees and persons of exceptional ability

E3: Skilled workers, professionals, and unskilled workers

E4: Special immigrant categories including certain broadcasters, employees and former employees of the U.S. government abroad, certain religious workers and others

E5: Immigrant investors

Some categories require that the employer obtain labor certification by proving to the Department of Labor that the hiring of foreign nationals will not deprive local workers of jobs and will not depress their wages, as well as to file a sponsorship petition on behalf of the immigrant. Others, such as the E1, do not carry these requirements. Given that demand is so high, you cannot afford to make any mistakes in your visa application. Let the attorneys at Koleci Law represent you throughout the process and fight for the results that you need!

Categories Served

01 - Hiring Foreign Nationals      
02 - Permanent Residence   
03 - Investors and Entrepreneurs

04 - Work Site Compliance

Koleci Law Firm diligently assists a wide array of clients in obtaining temporary employment-based visas including multinational corporations, universities, research institutions, hospitals, small businesses and accomplished foreign national individuals.

Our breadth of visa experience across a wide array of industries and with a wide array of accomplished foreign national individuals allows us to develop creative immigration solutions for companies and foreign national individuals in order to prepare the strongest possible case. Our experience with institutional clients also allows us to effectively assist in immigration planning involving long term strategies for hiring and transferring foreign national personnel, particularly in light of ongoing regulatory developments.

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