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Experience makes the difference

When you attend a removal or deportation hearing before an Immigration Judge, make sure that you walk into the courtroom accompanied by the most experienced, knowledgeable and successful deportation and removal defense attorney you can find.


The government will be represented by an attorney who has most likely appeared in hundreds, or even thousands, of deportation hearings. 

If your attorney is not knowledgeable or experienced in deportation defense, you will be at a distinct disadvantage. Too many people appear at their removal hearings without taking the time to find the best and most experienced deportation defense attorney to represent them. Instead, they look for an inexpensive attorney or, worse yet, appear without an attorney. This is a recipe for disaster. Why? Because you are creating a record before the Immigration Judge. If you lose, and then hire a new and improved attorney to appeal the Judge’s decision, he will be saddled with the record of proceedings that you, or your inexpensive attorney, created before the Judge. The record of proceedings consists of the transcript of the hearing and the exhibits, including copies of any applications submitted on your behalf. If you do not make a good record before the Judge, it may be difficult for your new deportation attorney to win your appeal. The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) is located in Falls Church, Deportation Defense Virginia. The BIA never sees nor hears from you. They only see the printed record, the decision of the Immigration Judge and the attorneys’ legal briefs. If the BIA rules against you and you finally decide to hire a great immigration attorney to take your case to Federal Court, the court must rely on the record of proceedings. You never get the chance to testify in court.


01 - Defending Against Deportation Proceedings     
02 - Common Grounds for Deportation or Removal 

Immigrants and non-citizens in the United States face the very real threat of removal or deportation for failing to follow proper protocol or as punishment for criminal activity.

Facing removal proceedings can be strenuous and troubling. If you or someone you know could be deported, it is absolutely essential to secure sound legal representation to fight this possibility. Attorney Fatos Koleci, a very successful Connecticut immigration lawyer, can stand by your side throughout the removal proceedings and aggressively fight to maximize your chances to obtain legal status and for your rights to remain in the U.S.  It is your right to stand up for yourself and prevent being deported or removed from the U.S.. An attorney from the Koleci Law Firm can greatly increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

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